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Wine Intuition Privacy Policy

Data Protection


Wine Intuition together with WSET Awards is required to comply with privacy and data protection laws. This policy sets out principles we will apply when handling individuals’ personal information. By submitting data to Wine Intuition, individuals authorise Wine Intuition to process data in accordance with this policy.


Definition of Data


Data refers to information held about an individual that may be processed by Wine Intuition in order for it to carry out its function as an approved provider for WSET Awards. This includes data relating to a living individual who can be identified from that data (or from that data and other information in the possession of Wine Intuition). It may also include certain categories of sensitive personal data, e.g. information about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin or their physical or mental health or condition which we may be required by the Regulator to collect in connection with the delivery of WSET qualifications.


How Wine Intuition processes candidate data


Wine Intuition together with WSET Awards has a legitimate interest in collecting and processing personal data including a candidate’s name(s), date of birth, gender and email address for the purposes of examining and awarding WSET qualifications and collecting feedback from candidates. In some cases, additional information (which may include sensitive personal data relating to health) will be collected to support requests for reasonable adjustments and special consideration. Such personal data will be supplemented by the results of examinations and assessments undertaken by the candidate.


A candidate’s personal data will only be collected by Wine Intuition in the context of examination registrations and/or certification claims. It will not be used by Wine Intuition other than for the administration of the examinations process, conducting assessments and certifying results. Personal data within candidate’s work will be collected and processed by Wine Intuition for the purposes of marking and issuing examination results and providing candidates with post-results services. In order to achieve this, some personal information may be transferred to third parties such as examiners outside of the European Economic Area.


Data protection arrangements


Wine Intuition has the following procedures in place to safeguard data collected by it as an approved provider of WSET awards:

 All Wine Intuition staff, students, APPs and educators have access to this policy;

 All Wine Intuition staff members are required to inform students of how their data will be processed for the purposes of registration and certification of a WSET qualification;

Forms which require the collection of personal or sensitive personal data include a data protection statement from Wine Intuition informing individuals about how their data will be processed;

Data collected by Wine Intuition is not used for marketing purposes or shared with third parties;

No personal data is disclosed to anyone outside of Wine Intuition and WSET Awards without the prior written consent of the individual;

 Access to personal information on the  Wine Intuition and WSET Awards database is restricted to authorised users;

 All records are kept accurate and up-to-date as far as practicable; Wine Intuition relies on individuals and APPs to communicate any changes; and

 Where Wine Intuition sends email correspondence to multiple recipients, recipients will be blind-copied.


Data security arrangements


Wine Intuition together with WSET Awards has appropriate measures in place to ensure the data held on our systems is secure. In the event of an unauthorised use of data or data loss, the individuals concerned will be notified and a recovery plan implemented. This will include a risk assessment and review of operating procedures.


This policy must be made available to candidates upon request. For further information, including data subject access requests, please contact the Director of Wine Intuition.

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