Join us in June for season two of Virtual Vino Club. This eclectic mixed six will take you on a vinous journey of discovery and features some standout Australian wines including a truly 'Gorgeous' Grenache from South Australia, a top-notch Tempranillo from Margaret River, a spicy Blaufrankisch from Austria, a barrel-ferment Riesling from Tasmania, a textured Marsanne/Rousanne/Viognier blend from the Barossa and a vibrant Godello from Spain. This mixed six accompanies the Virtual Vino Club web-in-bars on Thursdays June 4, 11 & 18.

Virtual Vino Club June Mix Six

  • Mewstone Hughes & Hughes Barrel ferment Riesling 2019, Tasmania X 1

    Bodegas Valminor Minius Godello 2018, X 1

    John Duval Plexus Marsanne Rousanne, Viognier 2018 X 1

    Thistledown Gorgeous Grenache 2018 X 1

    Oates Ends Tempranillo 2018, Margaret River X 1

    Heidi Schrock Junge Löwen Blaufrankisch 2016, Rust, Austria X1